Smoke: A London Peculiar, Now On The Web

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Smoke: A London Peculiar, Now On The Web

For even longer than we've been chronicling this great city, a small, irregular fanzine, made of actual paper, has been doing likewise. Smoke: A London Peculiar was a truly special publication, providing words and pictures about the city with panache and wit.

The magazine stopped, then unexpectedly came back as a board game; one with so many arcane rules it made Mornington Crescent seem like Ludo.

A year and a half on, and Smoke is risen once more. This time, it's a web site.

Helmed, as always, by Matt Haynes and Jude Rogers, the site again collects together stories, pictures, rants and randomness about the capital. We're pleased to see the return of "Pigeons in Puddles", long the industry standard for commentary on avian paddling. We also hear that "London's Campest Statues" is likely to make a comeback, and possibly our suggested companion series "London's Most Statuesque Camps", if anyone can figure out what the hell that would look like.

You'll find Smoke here, their Facebook there, and their Twitter stream here.

Last Updated 24 May 2012