Ragged School Museum Vandalised

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Ragged School Museum Vandalised

The Ragged School Museum near Mile End had to close today and cancel school visits after taking a pummeling from vandals. 26 windows were smashed in the Victorian canal-side building. It follows an earlier attack, last Thursday when windows to a storage space were put through by a group of, well, pillocks.

The museum, a small charity telling the story of Dr Barnardo and 19th Century schooling, estimates it lost £1,000 today because of the closure. Although the damage can be restored through insurance, repair work will no doubt cause further disruption.

We spent the night at the Ragged School a couple of years ago on a daft but fun ghost hunt. We didn't see any spooks, but can confirm that this is an educational museum worthy of support and unworthy of vandalism.

You can send messages of support through @raggedschool, and make donations here.

Last Updated 22 May 2012


My heart is so saddened by this totally inane act of vandalism. It saddens me for two reasons. One for the cost and trouble to a fine London Museum and two for the poor empty souls of the individual involved.