Jubilee Protest This Weekend

Dean Nicholas
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Jubilee Protest This Weekend

Sick of the treacle of Royalist fealty that has spread across Britain in recent weeks? You're not alone. Polls suggest that up to a quarter of the British population thinks the country would be better off without a monarch, a statistic not reflected in the overwhelmingly positive media coverage. Thankfully, there's a way to register your disapproval of the institution this weekend.

Anti-monarchy group Republic are hosting a Jubilee Protest on Sunday, 3 June near the Scoop, the sunken amphitheatre beside City Hall, from 12pm to 5pm. Timed to coincide with the Thames pageant, the protest will include speeches, placard-waving and general pro-republican merriment. Speakers include Joan Smith, Peter Tatchell and Owen Jones. The group will later decamp to the Jersualem Tavern in Farringdon — tickets are available here.

Follow events on the day via the hashtag #jubileeprotest.

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I thought the Jerusalem Tavern was closed on the weekends. Those Republicans will be sorely disappointed :(


Really? I heard More London was closed to public unless you haves special pass.

Ill Tonkso

They are protesting during the pageant? What a way to spoil it for the rest of us.




good for them


 Of course there's a protest during the queens pageant it's an anti monarchy movement..duh!


I am an ordinary Wife, Mum, Sister and Daugher and I for one am proud to be British and will be hanging out the bunting today ....We are a democracy and therefore these people should be able to demonstate their views.  However, in these times of austerity and recession it is wonderful to be celebrating not just the Jubilee, but showing the world that we are proud and loud to be BRITISH.  These days we are mindful of not upsetting other cultures and tend to keep our Britishness to ourselves.  We should keep the Royal family as they are being pivitol to the rich and varied history of the British Isles. These days the Queen (paid £7.9m from Civil list) is basically a public relations Ambassador, promoting the UK overseas, representing Britain on state visits and at ceremonial occasions, supporting charities and helping to generate the a huge amount of revenue brought into the UK through tourism. Tourists and students from around the world are inspired to visit Britain by a fascination with Royalty and Royal history.  So for the approx £40 million per year we spend on the whole Royal Family, it in turn generates over £175 million to the UK treasury. In addition to this,  the knock on effect is that restaurants, hotels, taxis, shops etc etc make a good living. Since 1993, the Queen also pays income tax, capital gains tax and VAT.   Business executives like Mick Davis who heads XSTRATA and Bart Becht who last year retired from RECKITT BENCKISER both earned around 18 million each last year, so for what the Queen does i think she represents value for money.  Also, much of what we think is owned by the Queen, is actually owned by the state e.g The Crown Jewels, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle. Although I believe in the Monarchy, i would like to see some of the minor Royals cut from the list as they should develop their own careers and be paid only when performing a Royal Duty.  We should look to some other countries in the world to realise what we have to be proud of here in Britain.  The majority of the people DO NOT want the UK to be a REPUBLIC and that is the reality. Most people will see this so called "LOUD & BOLD" demonstration more as a lot of PARTY POOPERS, rather than starting a debate on the future of the Monarchy.    I for one say  LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!!!!!