Cookies And Privacy And Stuff

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Cookies And Privacy And Stuff

You might have seen something in the press called the EU Cookie Directive. It's an initiative requiring web sites to be more open about how they track visitors. Like many other sites, we agree with the spirit of the directive, but don't want to hassle readers with tick boxes and pop-ups. So we've added a new link on our top-of-page menu that will take interested users to a list of the cookies this site uses, along with an explanation of what cookies are, and other privacy information.

Read our cookie and privacy policy here.

These guidelines are a starting point to help us comply with the new directive. We'd like to be totally open about what we track and how we use any data about users. If you have any concerns or questions, or think our guidelines could be improved, feel free to contact us at

Cookie image by Jonathunder under GNU Free Documentaiton Licence 1.2.

Last Updated 28 May 2012