App Lets You Earn Rewards For Not Being Lazy

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 72 months ago
App Lets You Earn Rewards For Not Being Lazy

TfL and Recyclebank have officially launched an app that's been in trials for several months, where you can earn reward points for walking and cycling around town.

We've been playing with re:route and it seems fairly straightforward to use (especially once you've taken the introductory tour): create an account or sign in with Facebook (you can turn oversharing off), tell it where you want to go and it'll plot various methods for you to get there by public transport, cycling or walking. It even factors in cycle hire, telling you how many available bikes and docking stations there are at your start and destination racks. It calculates how many calories you've burned, how many kilos of carbon dioxide you've 'saved' and how far you've travelled. It even has badges to unlock à la Foursquare and  there's a nice sense of community on seeing how many other people are cycling at that moment.

You get five points per completed journey (and 75 for signing up), which can be redeemed via the Recyclebank website. You can pick up money off or cheap deals for as little as 15 points and although some of the participating shops/restaurants etc are limitingly specific, chains like M&S, Cineworld and Origins are taking part. Not bad for taking a walk.

Last Updated 09 May 2012


This sounds horrific. Charlie Brooker's 'Black Mirror' come to life.

Laura Porter

I've been playing around with the re:route app too and while it's fine as a Journey Planner I can't log in or create a new account. I NEVER connect anything to my Facebook account so use the email and name route but I get an error every time. Maybe it'll get an update soon.

Rachel Holdsworth

Hmm. One major downside - having location services turned on for re:route turns it on for your whole phone (that little pointer appears next to the battery symbol) which is caning the battery on my iPhone. I've had to turn it off as that alone managed to drain half the battery in just three hours. Seems to work without it.


I made some foolish mistakes connecting sites with Facebook.A few times a simple comment made about a news story Etc and later to my surprise that is hooked into The Social Network. What I Lack understanding is why Facebook?  I Dunno truly?