Week In Geek: 9-15 April 2012

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Week In Geek: 9-15 April 2012

London events for people with curious minds.

Monday 9 April

SCI-FI: The Science Fiction Book Club meets to discuss Use of Weapons by Iain M. Banks. That might well be too short notice for any readers not in possession of a time machine, so here are the upcoming novels for you to plan ahead:

Full details of events are only revealed to members, but it's free to join.

Tuesday 10 April

MORALITY: Jonathan Haidt is at the Royal Institution to discuss morality, how it's hard wired into every human, and why we're the only species that will kill for an ideal. The London Science and Geek Chic social group will be tagging along for any single science fans who fancy hooking up with a fun crowd. £10/£7, 7pm

GEEKY PUBNESS: Meet the Thinking Bob meetup group in The Tipperary (Fleet Street) for its popular 'Conversation game', in which contestants have to slip mystery phrases into a conversation. And then just talk about geeky stuff. £4, 7.30pm

Wednesday 11 April

FUTURE HUMANS: Steve Fuller gives a talk upstairs at The Lamb on Lamb's Conduit Street about the past, present and future of the human species. Sounds like there's a bit more to this Science London event, but we confess that we can't get our primitive human brains around the blurb. FREE, 7.30pm

DEBATE: Rejoin the Thinking Bob meetup group in the Prince of Wales (Drury Lane) for a beer-fuelled debate on a surprise intellectual topic. Cost not given, 7.30pm

Thursday 12 April

SPACE: Tonight is Yuri's Night, the anniversary of the first manned spaceflight. Celebrate that momentous achievement at the British Interplanetary Society, with a special screening of First Orbit and a talk by its director Chris Riley. FREE, 7pm

BRAINS: Wellcome Collection's excellent Brains exhibition is accompanied by a busy programme of events. If you've got the afternoon off, head over to the Euston Road attraction for a talk on the history of our knowledge of the thinking organ. An evening talk about the division of the brain is fully booked but, you never know, there might be some return tickets. FREE, 3pm

Friday 13 April

BOOZE: What happened when brewers first got into bed with chemists? A drunken reaction? Head to the Royal Society for a lunchtime talk about the 18th Century booze industry and attempts to improve ales with chemistry. FREE, 1pm

Saturday 14 April

MORE BRAINS: Wellcome Collection once again exercises its over-active grey matter with an all-afternoon adult event devoted to brains. Try your hand at brain surgery (sort of), watch puppets trepanning each other, learn to dance like a zombie and much more. FREE, 2-6pm

Sunday 15 April

WALK: Rob Smith guides walkers around the Clerkenwell area, pointing out great achievements of Victorian engineering and invention that allowed London to grow into the largest city on the planet. £10/£7.50, 3pm

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