London Elections: British National Party

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 72 months ago
London Elections: British National Party

The seventh and final candidate standing for Mayor of London is Carlos Cortiglia of the British National Party.

Sadly, because the BNP do not talk to freelancers, Londonist is unable to check or clarify any BNP election promises or claims. The closest we can find to a manifesto for London is a leaflet, which you can read on their website (PDF) if you choose to.

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Last Updated 28 April 2012


Vote BNP.


Will I fuck.

ASLEF shrugged

Voto para el Partido Nacional Británico!




Connors I gather is an Hibernian surname and therefore coming from the land of winter not capable of inspiring much beyond a few icicles of misgotten leprachaun  wisdom. Also,  Fuku2 appears an inspiration from a graffiti tag inside a latrine in a shabby Irish pub.

Jonn Elledge

The BNP leaflet claims the support of Rev Robert West.

Brilliantly, he's not a real vicar.