Drawn Underground: Doodles To Complete On The Tube

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Drawn Underground: Doodles To Complete On The Tube

Artist Tim Ellis is launching a new book of scribbles described as "a collection of half illustrations and visual puns for doodlers to finish between stations". The self-published book plays on names and features of the transport network. Draw your Tube journey as palmistry, reveal what lurks beneath the Knight's Bridge, or pencil in your own Crystal Palace.

It's currently on sale at TN29 store, all branches of Magma, Beach London, and coming soon to the Tate and Transport Museum's shops.

You can also see Tim's work at an upcoming exhibition in Tracey Neuls Gallery on Redchurch Street, which runs 3 May to 3 June. The book and prints will be on sale there, too.

Last Updated 27 April 2012