Who Funds The Mayoral Candidates?

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 74 months ago
Who Funds The Mayoral Candidates?

Boris Johnson has recently been attacking Ken Livingstone for being under the thumb of unions who fund his campaign. But the Evening Standard's Pippa Crerar has discovered that Boris is as much in hock to big business.

Stanley Fink, CEO of hedge fund ISAM, has given £33,000 to Johnson's campaign, while Sir John Beckwith, chair of fund management group, Pacific Investments, has given £25,000 – with, crucially, another £25,000 to be delivered if the multi-millionaire likes Boris's manifesto.

Livingstone has received £25,000 from transport union TSSA and another payment from Aslef, who contributed £20,000 to his campaign to be selected as Labour's candidate.

The two sets of figures are on a par, yet Boris feels no qualms about implying Ken wouldn't be in a position to take on the tube unions, or calling him a union glove puppet. Are we to assume that Boris would be similarly beholden to big business?

The US political system is (rightly) mocked for interests like Big Oil being able to buy influence and idiocies like SuperPACs, so should we be paying more attention to who funds our candidates – all of them? On which note, we're off to investigate whether Big Biomass is skewing Jenny Jones's policies.

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Last Updated 09 March 2012

Nicolas Chinardet

Not to mention that Boris has not been very successful at taking on the tube unions himself. Didn't he promise us a no strike deal? when is THAT happening?

Joel Phillips
On which note, we’re off to investigate whether Big Biomass is skewing Jenny Jones’s policies.

I'd actually be quite interested to hear more about the non-Boris-and-Ken candidates.  The election is 1st and 2nd choice, so a sane person will vote 1st choice to their favourite from all the candidates and then, if necessary, 2nd choice to whichever of Boris and Ken they like the best.  

Jonn Elledge

Everyone knows that Jenny Jones is in hock to Big Wind.