Review: Seven Day Drunk @ Soho Theatre

Franco Milazzo
By Franco Milazzo Last edited 80 months ago
Review: Seven Day Drunk @ Soho Theatre

While she probably wasn't the only one having a drink this weekend, performance artist Bryony Kimmings is no stranger to the hard stuff. She has returned to Soho Theatre with Seven Day Drunk, a multimedia interactive show based around her week-long scientific investigation into the effects of alcohol on creativity.

It has been described by one critic as "one part sobering social critique, three parts DIY glitterfuck" and we wouldn't want to spoil the show by giving away the increasingly bizarre twists and turns of Kimmings' journey. Or her genuinely hilarious antics and crazy outfits. Or what she makes the audience do in the name of Art and Entertainment (clue: it involves alcohol and lots of it). No. So instead, we asked the East End-situated lass to tell us her favourite places to get drunk on a social basis. Take it away, Bryony...

The Boot and Flogger – Borough
This place is a real gem. It is off the beaten track and only opens for a few hours each day and not at all at weekends. BUT It’s the off-key opening times, amazing wine cellar and wonderful pickled garlic that make it a winner. A taste of secret London. Buy a bottle or two.

The Pale Blue Door - Dalston
Ok, not strictly a pub, but certainly a drinking experience like no other. You are welcomed into a house, decked out in red lighting, odd figurines and lots of fake flowers and are treated to a home cooked meal and some light entertainment. BYOB.

Ridley Road Market Bar - Hackney
I did a shoot here recently and we finished the day with some beautiful gin and pomegranate cocktails. This place is run by cool people, has a great reclaimed vibe and plays music to the wee hours. Love their colanders as lamp shades.

Lounge Lover - Shoreditch
Now this is an old school blast from the past but I am a sucker for this place ever since I had my 21st birthday there, many moons ago. It was all oversized ming vases and bejewelled taxidermy before that became East End standard décor. Great mint juleps but don’t rest your bums though: minimum table spend £700!

The Approach – Bethnal Green
This pub in my neck of the woods does the most amazing Sunday Roast — the best that I have had in my entire time in London. The gallery upstairs has some amazing artists on its books too and it's such a great Sunday pub as Victoria Park is right there to walk off a hefty scoff and some black pints. Book in advance.

The Crown and Horses – Soho
This pub is the site of many a boozy night for me. Its that "stand up, spit and sawdust, we sell scotch eggs behind the bar" that does it for me. I love a good rowdy boozer as it means you can scream and flail and no-one minds. This is the home to many a theatre lovey and comedian with his head in his hands. My favourite Soho haunt.

The Palm Tree – Mile End
This pub is epic. If you haven’t been here, you are an idiot. This is East End magic at its best. On the weekend, they have jazz sung by local old boys and they hand around free sandwiches. Beware though, this IS a local pub, the landlord doesn’t suffer fools.

Seven Day Drunk continues at the Soho Theatre until 31 March and you can follow the official show blog here.

Last Updated 19 March 2012