Preview: Circusfest 2012

Franco Milazzo
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Last Updated 26 March 2012

Preview: Circusfest 2012

This week, CircusFest returns to London in a big (top) way with five weeks of events spread across the Roundhouse, Jackson's Lane and artsdepot.

Forget about seeing lions and ringmasters and look forward to The Flying Spavaldos, an immersive theatrical experience using headphones and video goggles which comes with a health warning ("not suitable for people with heart conditions or fear of heights") and the deliciously wicked Miss Behave in Professor Vanessa's Wondershow, a two-hour extravaganza also featuring a headless lady, an insect circus and Electra, the 27,000 volt girl.

Guinean circus troupe Cirque Mandingue open proceedings with Foté Foré, their West African-themed blend of street dance, hip-hop and acrobatics. Heartrates won't be the only thing they'll be raising as the funds generated by the show goes back to their school. Curious minds might want to book for next Tuesday when the performers will be sticking around for a post-show Q&A .

Those looking for an emotional journey can check out Undermen - the story of three real-life male acrobats who have lost their partners - and Collectif's Lost Post based on a Jonathan "Everything Is Illuminated" Safran Foer's book.

Now that's he's almost done with his search for London's top fatty, Scottee will be debuting his latest collaborative effort Camp which has "nothing to do with the c-word: cabaret". Bourgeois & Maurice, Myra DuBois, Bryony Kimmings and Fancy Chance will be amongst those showing their non-cabaret sides over 4 Saturdays from 31 March.

Photography buffs can enjoy free exhibitions at all three venues with Jacksons Lane and artsdepot showcasing the work of Ben Hopper. There is also live action events at these two venues with the literally brilliant Bipolar circus show Box Of Frogs at the former and dazzling partner acrobatics in Dirty Laundry at the artsdepot.

Circusfest 2012 runs from 28 March-29 April. More information can be found here.