Man Dies After Being Hit By Train At Hither Green

Rachel Holdsworth
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Man Dies After Being Hit By Train At Hither Green

Police are investigating after a man died on the tracks at Hither Green station during last night's rush hour. The area started trending on Twitter, with many grumbles about 'bloody inconsiderate suicides' that should probably be reconsidered since the incident is currently "unexplained". A woman has been arrested for trespass and is helping police with their enquiries.

Delays knackered the line for around three hours, with some passengers stuck on trains for most of that. Had some people not decided to break out of trains after about an hour and walk down the line, meaning power had to be turned off to stop them getting electrocuted, their fellow commuters would have been out of those crammed tin cans a lot sooner.

While Southeastern isn't known for its excellent communications, it wasn't exactly last summer's South West Trains incident where travellers were left for more than three hours without information. Patience, patience.

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Last Updated 03 March 2012


Seems to me that even if it turns out to be a suicide, "bloody inconsiderate suicides" is a really unfeeling response. Like anyone else, I want to get home on time. But my inconvenience is someone else's personal tragedy.


I was on one of these trains, stuck for around two hours. It was just two people that decided to de-train and cause the further delay, not 'many' as lots of forums and blogs seem to be implying.

It was frustrating to be stuck on the train but I thought, as I think most people did apart from the two that got off, I've only lost two hours of my life - not my life altogether so we just get on with it and sat it out. It was a packed commuter train, being 6:30pm on a weekday, so there must have been well over 200 people on my train - and only two bailed. I'd say that's fairly normal odds that at any time, 1% of the people around you are inconsiderate idiots - but these two idiots behaviour shouldn't be a reflection on London commuters in general.


I agree with KM_times, someone lost their life, two hours playing on an iPhone or reading the paper is no great hardship as most of the people in my carriage were (sitting on a hard floor not so bright)

The two idiots (exactly)...why get off a train onto live rails when the train is very shortly to move off risking your life and the life of the south eastern guys who then had to walk along and search the line