London Sack Race Says Balls To Cancer

By Lindsey Last edited 84 months ago
London Sack Race Says Balls To Cancer

A ballsy bunch of Londoners will be sack racing round the city on 7 April for the Everyman male cancer campaign, in memory of the right testicle of their friend, Ed Tucker.

The 26.4 mile route has made no concessions to sense or physical exertion, 100% committed as it is to the shape of a cock and balls on the London map and the inclusion of as much penis punnery as possible.

To ensure the sack race maximises awareness raising, a specially designed sack will be deployed. You can probably guess what shape that's coming in.

Organiser Phil Ball enlarges,

It might seem a bit childish to be hopping around London in a giant ball-bag, but it is going to be really physically and mentally demanding. Think how hard the sack race was at your school sports day, then imagine doing it for a whole mile while facing the ridicule of complete strangers. In an event such as this, you need to have great physical stamina and not mind looking, quite literally, like a giant dick.

We warmly recommend the intrepid phallic fundraisers reward themselves with a circuit of the Rude and Lewd Pub Crawl after.

Sponsor the Sack Race through Phil Ball's Justgiving page. Follow @londonsackrace on Twitter and like them on Facebook for updates and peruse the route here.

Last Updated 23 March 2012