Is The Olympic Torch Visiting Your Street?

By Lindsey Last edited 84 months ago
Is The Olympic Torch Visiting Your Street?

The Olympic Torch arrives in London on Saturday 21 July and today you can scrutinise its exact route round your manor thanks to a handy map.

You can even start planning your 'stalk the flame' (or 'avoid the kerfuffle') itinerary as precise timings are included. Greenwich's leg of the relay will begin in Greenwich Park at 07.21 that Saturday in the hands of Londoner, arts lover and Access Officer for Sadler's Wells Theatre, Sarah Howard.

There's an overview of the London leg in list form here. Note that the map also gives details of evening celebrations planned along the way and supremely anodyne bite-sized guides to the boroughs. For example, "Haringey has something for everyone".

To keep the flames of interest in the 70 day torch relay flickering, LOCOG have kept the route for the final two-day stretch from Westminster to Stratford in reserve and named only 7,300 of the torchbearers — the final 700 will be revealed in the coming months.

Zoom in for the street level route round your way and let us know in the comments what you think of its planned journey through your borough.

Last Updated 19 March 2012