Fortnum & Mason Protesters Cleared

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Fortnum & Mason Protesters Cleared

Eight UK Uncut protesters charged with trespass last year after occupying Fortnum & Mason's Piccadilly shop have been cleared.

The group were taking part in protests against government spending cuts last year when they targeted the luxury food store based on a belief that owners were avoiding tax. Despite the protest remaining a peaceful one, participants were apparently misled by police and eventually kettled when they left the shop. The store claimed the group's action cost them £54,000 in lost sales.

The case has attracted criticism, with separate groups of Fortnum & Mason protesters being charged, while others were cleared. One activist avoided criminal charges because she was carrying 16 leaflets instead of 20.

Last week, 400 UK Uncut protesters formed a dole queue outside Downing Street to highlight increasing unemployment under the government's austerity measures.

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Last Updated 24 March 2012


Simple solution to unemployment: eliminate benefits for able bodied people, eliminate the minimum wage, and make it legal to hire people on a casual self-employed basis.  I'm sure there are plenty of jobs that need doing if the labour was cheap enough.