For Sale: Metropolitan Line Luggage Racks

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For Sale: Metropolitan Line Luggage Racks
Coming soon...
Coming soon...

In what might be considered a canny feat of recycling, London Transport Museum has found a way to sell off 50-year-old bits of aluminium for hundreds of pounds. A small number of luggage racks from recently decommissioned Metropolitan Line trains have been saved from the scrap heap, and polished up for sale to the public.

The curvy luggage racks date from the 1960s and were a familiar sight on Metropolitan A Stock trains. We always felt their function was more than a little undermined by "unattended baggage" warnings. Much better, then, to install them as vintage shelving in your home.

You can pre-order the hardy protrusions from London Transport Museum shop now for £250 (large rack) or £150 (small rack). And perhaps pick up a cushion or footrest in trad-Metropolitan livery — coming soon from the shop — to give your room that complete carriage makeover.

Last Updated 06 March 2012

P W Harley

Strewth!  That price is rather steep!