Cutty Sark To Reopen

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Cutty Sark To Reopen

From 26 April the Cutty Sark will once again be open to the public, nearly five years after it was gutted by fire.

The 143-year old tea clipper has undergone a £50m restoration, work on which had actually begun prior to the fire breaking out. The blaze did an estimated £10m worth of damage but could have been far worse. Due to the restoration works already being under way many of the original fittings on board had been placed in storage and were not damaged. The Cutty Sark Trust praised the work of the “heroic” fire fighters saying, “There was amazingly little damage to the ship’s original fabric".

Originally due to reopen in 2010 plans were postponed, pushing the date back nine months to spring 2011. Another year has passed since then but restoration work with fire damage can often throw up unforeseen delays.

The reopening will provide another welcome boost to the tourist industry in the run up to the Olympic games this summer. The Cutty Sark is an important relic of imperial trade and has been a key part of Greenwich’s tourism since it first berthed in the area in 1954.

Last Updated 02 March 2012


It will good to see the return of this old friend.


I'm not British but this ship along with HMS Victory are national relics of a once mighty Britain as monarch of the seas. Greenwhich is a magnificent locale for berthing this noble vessel one which adds character to the National Maritime Museum and surrounding historical sites.

Terry Callaghan

Brilliant. I did my Day Skipper's theory on The Cutty Sark. Happy memories and so glad to see her coming back.

Dave H

Good news. I was so sad to see reports of the fire when it broke out, so it's good to see that the restoration is complete.

Ekaterina Leonova

Great! My London trip will be right till the end of April - will definitely visit Cutty Sark :)