Book Review: Secondhand And Vintage London By Andrew Whittaker

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 100 months ago
Book Review: Secondhand And Vintage London By Andrew Whittaker

If you're bored of secondhand tat being labelled as vintage (with pricetags to match), rummaging through piles of crap because your mate found an amazing item in this very market or are desperately craving genuine art deco light fittings but don't know where to start, this book is for you.

Concentrating on the middle ground between charity shops and true antiques, Andrew Whittaker has sifted London's shops, lock-ups and markets to identify the places worth visiting. Retailers are themed into clothes; books, music and memorabilia; home and garden; and markets, car boots and auctions, and then sub divided again by area (there are handy maps at the back).

Each shop is carefully described and gives a flavour of its character (and sometimes owner) with a taster of items the author found there. Also useful is an indicator of how big a dent in your wallet each establishment is likely to make. Even if you're not immediately up for some shopping it's still an interesting book to dip into: for instance, we had no idea there was such a concentration of second hand cameras shops round the British Museum.

Secondhand and Vintage London by Andrew Whittaker is out now, £8.95 RRP.

Last Updated 16 March 2012