Tonight: New BBC2 TV Series About The Tube

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Tonight: New BBC2 TV Series About The Tube

A new six-part documentary series about everyone's-favourite-underground-mass-transit-system-in-a-capital-city-beginning-with-L begins tonight on BBC2.

Simply called The Tube (and absolutely nothing to do with Jools Holland) the series follows Underground staff of all flavours, as they go about their merry business.

The debut episode, tonight at 9pm, focuses/unfocuses on how staff cope with inebriated passengers. The show follows hot on the rails of Channel 4's Confessions from the Underground, which, despite a controversial billing, exposed pretty much nothing of note about the network. Annie Mole has more commentary on the opening episode.

Last Updated 20 February 2012


I'd be much more interested in a series that illustrated how the tube improved it's service. Not interested !!!


I really enjoyed this programme, as a born & bred Londoner now retired to Devon, it brought back lots of memories & made me feel proud to have been a part of it. Looking forward to the rest of it.

Annie Mole

I agree with guest about looking forward to the rest of it.  Certainly made the passengers look more like numpties than the staff though! 

PS no idea why I am wearing the Xmas hat on my avatar - obviously discus is stuck with an old avatar!

P Williams2

like the series but would like to know why new bombardier trains are so noisy - all those announcments - most stressfull why not let the passengers travel in peace and quiet ?

hope bombadier don't get the crossrail contract - trains are crap