Hospitals In North West London Will Close

Rachel Holdsworth
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Hospitals In North West London Will Close

North West London is "almost certain" to lose some of its hospitals.

Mark Spencer, a director at NHS North West London, says that the group – which covers Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster – have to make £1bn savings over the next four years from its annual £4bn budget. He told the BBC

We have more hospitals per head of population, more hospital beds per head of population and travel time to your local hospital is much shorter than anywhere else in the country.

Which sounds brilliant! More beds means shorter waiting lists, a hospital nearby means easier access if you're old, immobile or have an emergency! But wait:

And that's an inefficient system.


An NHS North West London report says care at their hospitals is inconsistent and that the "patient experience is generally poor". So the plan is to rationalise facilities and create more specialised hospitals.

It's likely that A&E departments will also close and, while it's tempting to pin this all on Health Secretary Andrew Lansley's controversial and incredibly unpopular NHS reorganisation, at least five of the area's eight A&Es were under threat two years ago.

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Last Updated 07 February 2012


How long before Cameron dumps Lansley and scraps this disaster of a bill?

Dave H

This reminds me of a multinational company that I used to work for, which brought in an expensive consultancy firm to assess the company's IT helpdesk function. They concluded (amongst other things) that the particular office that I was working in had a "superior" helpdesk function compared to all of the other offices, and because that high level of service was "inconsistent with the remainder of the organisation", we should make half of the helpdesk staff redundant to bring down the service to more consistent levels of mediocrity.