Dance Preview: Without Warning @ Old Vic Tunnels

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Dance Preview: Without Warning @ Old Vic Tunnels

Not one for the faint of heart, choreographer Lizzi Kew-Ross' Without Warning is a dance production that invites the audience to consider what four years held hostage in 1980s Beruit might feel like.

Inspired by Brian Keenan’s An Evil Cradling, this dark production, designed with ominous urban spaces in mind, shows how the human spirit can somehow claw its way through, in spite of the worst circumstances.

Voice, strings and percussion will swell the repressive atmosphere, and the fusion of movement, sound and light conjure a volatile range of emotions, as people become less valued than slabs of meat.

Andrew Wheatley of Cabinet Gallery describes how the production “provoked movement of the crowd” and creates the feeling of “almost combative physical threat.”This promises to be an intense experience, where you will find yourself transported to the dank, cold terrain of Lebanon’s hostage chambers in the Old Vic Tunnels under Waterloo Station.

Without Warning is on now until 11 February at Old Vic Tunnels. Monday-Friday 6.30pm, Saturdays at 1pm and 6pm, Sundays at 2pm. Tickets cost £15.

Last Updated 01 February 2012