Alternative Tube Maps: Morphing Tube

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Last Updated 08 February 2012

Alternative Tube Maps: Morphing Tube

Watch a modern Tube map gradually morph, T1000-style, into a geographically accurate version. Then, agog, click another button and behold as the map regresses/progresses (delete according to opinion) to something like the original Harry Beck Tube map of 1933. The modern map also allows you to overlay a street pattern — not a new trick, but it's good to have this all-in-one package.

This one's an oldie. In fact, Sam Rich first put a version live in 2002. It then found its way onto Transport For London's website in 2004, from which it was dropped in 2008 during a web shuffle. TfL allowed Sam to continue hosting the map on his own site, and you can now enjoy warping the Tube map here.

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