Where Can You Get Views Cheaper Than The Shard?

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 78 months ago
Where Can You Get Views Cheaper Than The Shard?

News that the viewing gallery in the Shard could cost 20 of your English pounds to access caused us a slight intake of breath. Twenty quid! Don't they know London's got its austerity on? So we thought we'd take a look at what cities around the world charge for skyscraper access, and where else you can get views of London for what pence.

Tokyo takes top honours for allowing anyone up the 202m high Metropolitan Government Buildings for free. At 20 stories shorter than the Shard's viewing gallery it's still bloody vertiginous and also provides a quick lesson in going up tall buildings when the weather's bad: don't, you can't see anything, and that'll be really annoying if you've just paid (say) £20 and the top's surrounded by clouds.

In New York, city of skyscrapers, it costs £15.48 to go to the top of the Empire State Building and £16.12 for the Top of the Rock(efeller Center), from which you can actually see the Empire State Building. (Though if you want to see sunrise or sunset they'll sting you for £25.50.)

Paris's Eiffel Tower costs what now feels like a measly £11.19 to take the lift all the way to the 273m top floor.

In Kuala Lumpur, ascending the tallest (edit: twin) buildings in the world — the Petronas Towers — will relieve your pocket of £10.17.

Back in London, there are other ways to get a view of the city. The Monument is 62m high and costs £3 but you have to do all the legwork yourself (literally). The Golden Gallery at St Paul's Cathedral is a bit higher at 85m, accessible via 528 increasingly tiny steps. It costs £14.50 get into St Paul's but if you Gift Aid your admission you get free entry for 12 months. For £8 you can get into the Tower Bridge Exhibition and cross the 44m high walkways, while 30 minutes on the London Eye costs from £17.01.

If you prefer to be more laid back about your viewing, there are plenty of bars and restaurants offering vistas of the capital. If you're organised enough to book ahead you could try the Paramount bar in Centre Point (£5 for a bottle of Bitburger); Galvin at Windows on the 28th floor of the Park Lane Hilton will offer you a Budvar for £7.50; there's tea and coffee for £3 in the Oxo Tower Bar; the Heights Bar at the Saint Georges Hotel on Langham Place doesn't have an online menu but from memory it's not extortionate; and Tate Modern's 7th floor restaurant will knock you up afternoon tea for £10.95. The Shard will have similar arrangements, with restaurants on floors 31-33.

Alternatively, you could always wait for the cable car and O2 Skywalk to be finished. When the Shard's viewing gallery price is officially announced we'll bring it to you, if we can tear ourselves away from collecting 10p coins from down the sofa.

Incredible view of foggy London from the top of Canary Wharf by Tanya Nagar, from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 02 January 2012

Scott F

The Tour Montparnasse in Paris Is 210m high, only costs €7 (£6?), has next to no queues, is fairly easy to get to (one of the main train stations) and not only as an observation deck but you can spend as long as you want on the helipad on the roofs. Great views.

The Palace of Science and Culture in Warsaw is a Soviet era building which is still the tallest in Poland. At 188m (231m with the spire) it has good views of the city for 20 złoty (£4).

And finally, Auckland's Sky Tower, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere (top floor 222m, spire 328m) is NZD28 (£14) and has spectacular views. If you pay extra, you can jump off it too (typical New Zealanders!).

Tanya N

You should add that for free, just befriend someone who works in any skyscrapers ; )  I've taken most of my friends and family up to the top of the building I work in - cost? Zero. Views? Breathtaking, particularly on clear days. One of my personal favourites:


QUOTE -  (Though if you want to see sunrise or sunset they’ll sting you for £25.50.)

That's kinda incorrect. The more expensive ticket allows you go to up at Sunset, AS WELL AS daytime on the same day. If you arrive at the right time and only want to go up at Sunset, you only pay a normal price. (Plus there are always discounts on the day, so that makes it a few $ cheaper than the price you've listed!)

Joanna Moncrieff

I love the view from the roof terrace of One New Change even though it's not very high and also the view of St Paul's from the lift on the way there.

Heather Sullivan

The views from Tower Bridge aren't so great, at least from the walkway, you're far from the edges and they don't clean the windows often enough (if ever?).

Adam White

Worth adding – in Hong Kong you can get great views from the Peak, but that's where everyone goes. You can get up to the 55th floor of the IFC2 building (the on Batman jumps off in Dark Knight), if you say you're going to see the exhibit by the Hong Kong Monetary Association. It's brill.


If you are in Toronto there is the 51st floor of the Manu-Life Building at 180 Bloor West, though I cannot tell you if the restaurant is any good as it's been awhile.  Or you could get a great view and a great meal though on the expensive side at the TD Centre's 54th floor!  Then there is the CN Tower with the highest vantage point and it's spectacular for those who like sky topping views!


Not sure the Petronas towers are the tallest buildings anymore :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L...


In fact the tallest building/viewing platform in the world is actually the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, 17.55£ for a timed ticket which does entitles to reach the 124th floor at 452m, with the top beeing at almost double that. (A true heaven for base jumpers o_o )


wow this pic is so beautiful

Vickie Flores

Absolutely stunning and beautiful!

tess sian

Agree with Scott F on the Montparnasse Tower.  You can go outside if it is nice, stay in if it is cold AND have cocktails!  Much better than being pushed and squashed at the Eiffel Tower.

For lower views, the Georges Pompidou has a roof top restaurant and the Sacre Coeur has a lovely view and grassy area for picnics. Bonne Voyage!

Jason B. Standing

We went to Altitude 360 in the Millbank Tower a while back, although trying to look at their website to find out details seems to indicate some company's passed it to another company to manage, who've turned it into something "new and exciting", which will invariably be shit.

Or, if you want something that's just shit from the outset (but still quite high up in the air), http://www.qype.co.uk/place/20...

Dean Nicholas

You can get a free, decent view of east London, and an extreme close-up of the Shard, by going to the top of Guy's hospital tower.

As Jason above says, there's the Sky Lounge at Nido, but it's shite. When it opens, the restaurant at the top of the Heron Tower should be a lot better -- it's a Peruvian-Brazilian-Japanese place called Sushisamba (seriously) -- but I think dining there will set you back a little bit more than twenty quid...


Not to mention the free of charge, open air, wide view from the top of Primrose Hill.


You forgot Tower 42 (bar) and Pan Peninsula in C Wharf...

Suicide Boi

How much will they charge for me to jump?


Not one of the tallest on earth but recommended is the TV tower in Berlin (Alexanderplatz) - I think it's 12 euros, old East Germany in style and you can get beer and currywurst up there of similar price and quality to the rest of the city rather than getting ripped off as we would be here in the UK


Though by no means as tall as the Shard for a cheap and different view of London try the 273ft tower at Westminster Cathedral. 5 pounds for an adult ticket, only 11 punds for 2 adults+4 kids. I did it a few years ago and remembering going up in quite a clunky lift

Erskine Berry

Opening this Friday, 27th July, is the Viewing Gallery at Millbank Tower!!  360 degree views, surrounded by historic buildings, 130 meters high.  Epic photo opportunities, wifi, cafe/bar, and interactive guides.



The cost of entry to the Shard is actually £29.95 so let's say £30...per person. And what if it's a cloudy day and you can't see anything? Information is around for booking in advance online etc but nothing about how to book on the day - making sure it's a clear day.


Enjoying London's amazing views shouldn't cost anything, if you've got a bit of climbing tek its not hard to get up any of the cranes and construction sites our city has to offer! See for yourself!



And here's the FREE views of London:-
OXO Tower - viewing galleries on 8th floor (accessed by lift). [website] if you meet the bar or restaurant staff just say you’re there for the viewing platform, Stand out there as long as you like….

One New Change shopping centre - public terrace (also a restaurant) on the 6th floor with views over the city and across to St Paul's Cathedral.

Tate Modern – good views from upper floors, open daily;, until 10pm Fri + Sat.

Royal Opera House - see Covent Garden from upper terrace (also view of costume making workshops). Open to public 10am - 3:30pm Mon - Sat.

Or, for a much smaller charge than the others shown so far -
Tower Bridge walkway for views up and down stream, incl. in admission - £8 - lift. Open daily.
Emirates Air Line (cable car) Nth Greenwich (Jubilee) to Royal Victoria (DLR). 10 mins journey. Fare £3.20 with Oyster or travelcard.


You can get chaper Ryanair tickets.


In Beijing the best views [on a clear day] can be achieved from several locations at very reasonably prices. The CCTV tower in the west offers great views and admission is 90 RMB [£10.89]. Get to the top of the hill of Jingshan Park to the north of the Forbidden City for views over the financial district to the east or the Forbidden City to the south. Access to the park is around 10 RMB [£1.21]. Or why not check out the Atmosphere Bar on the 80th floor of the China World Trade Center Tower III, a supertall skyscraper in the heart of the city. Smoke free now and drinks are a little pricey, but amazing views. Access is free but you'll probably need to at least buy a coffee! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/...