"Skywalk" Viewing Platform Proposed For Roof Of O2

Dean Nicholas
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"Skywalk" Viewing Platform Proposed For Roof Of O2

Entrance to the Skywalk

A plan to construct a walkway on top of the O2 has been submitted to Greenwich council.

The proposal, drawn up by the Dome's original architect, Richard Rogers, consists of a narrow suspended walkway spanning the roof, with a circular viewing platform at the apex. Visitors would wear safety equipment and be led in groups by a trained instructor in a 50-minute walk across the 365m-diameter roof. The idea has been knocking about since at least 2008, but only now have firm plans fetched up on Greenwich council's doormat.

There are detailed plans for the design and build in this document (PDF), while Greenwich.co.uk has further information.

The Skywalk at night

Add this to the cable car and the ever-growing Orbit tower, by 2012 we'll barely be able to move for attractions offering panoramic views of the east London skyline.

Hat tip: @hughpearman

Last Updated 13 June 2011