Westminster Council Paints In Double Yellow Lines

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 76 months ago
Westminster Council Paints In Double Yellow Lines

Careful where you park in Westminster – what was a single yellow line on Friday may have become a double yellow today.

Westminster Council are converting 200 streets with dropped kerbs to double yellows, ostensibly to help pedestrians cross more safely and allow better access for emergency vehicles and passenger drop-offs. However, local church leaders say 1,300 parking spaces will be taken away by the move. The Council claims just 132 spaces will be lost. Hmm. In a battle between a council and the CofE/Salvation Army, who do we believe... *taps chin thoughtfully*

Creating safer roads for pedestrians is obviously a good thing, but given Westminster's recent tussles with motorists over evening and weekend parking charges (recently postponed) any changes to the roads will inevitably be eyed with cynicism and suspicion.

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Last Updated 09 January 2012

Angela Lovely

Perhaps you ought to ask people actually living in those streets what they think instead of assuming what the Evening Standard says is correct http://news.fitzrovia.org.uk/2...

Mark Walley

I have to say, I attend a CofE church in Westminster and we have had no problem whatsoever with double-yellow-lining single yellow lines at junctions. To be honest, I wish where we lived in Camden did it as it makes some junctions a nightmare, especially the few times I borrow a car and drive. Bizarrely, the highway code says it is illegal to park within a set number of metres of a junction, so I don't know why junctions need yellow lines to be enforced. Whatever though,  parking on streets isn't free to provide (those spaces could be used for more useful things, enforcing and policing them costs money, and obviously there is an environmental overhead) so shouldn't be given away free.


Of course, parking at the dropped curb or with 5m of the junction was already illegal, just not enforced... This should at least make it clear what is going on.

John Martin

Single yellow lines are essential for any business that needs goods delivered. There has to be a single yellow area for deliveries so that van drivers can get to a destination safely without having to cross a road. Westminster Council have not thought how dangerous it is for deliveries to be made when the driver has to carry packages or larger across traffic. It seems that Westminster Council are doing there level best to make their borough the most anti-business location in London. I anticipate the single yellow will have to come back - but only after a dramatic rise in road casualties because of their idiotic policy.