Week In Geek: 16-22 January 2012

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Week In Geek: 16-22 January 2012

London events for people with curious minds.

Monday 16 January

QUIZ: Come along to the Royal Institution tonight where you'll be facted to within an inch of your life by Londonist editor Matt, who co-hosts the RI's regular science pub quiz. £2 per person, 7pm start (get there earlier to secure a table)

PREPOSTEROUS FILM: Before he was slumming it in Mumbai and plotting the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Olympics, director Danny Boyle attempted to save the Earth from a big freeze. His enjoyable if far-fetched film Sunshine is screened tonight at Greenwich Picturehouse, followed by a discussion with astronomers from the Royal Observatory. £9.50, 6.30pm

ARCHITECTURE: Thomas Heatherwick takes a short stroll up York Way from his architectural practice to Kings Place, where he'll talk about his many eye-catching projects, which include the New Bus For London, the roll-up bridge in Paddington and the metal skirt around the base of Guy's tower. £9.50, 7pm

Tuesday 17 January

MEMORY: Apparently, we're all prone to false memories — well, so the Dalai Lama told us, while sipping mai tais on the International Space Station. The Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmith's is launching a new archive of people's false memories as part of an arts project. Find out more about it in a free talk this evening by Alasdair Hopwood. FREE, 6pm

BODIES: This month's Bright Club (Wilmington Arms) is all about anatomy and body parts. Comedians, medics, scientists and knowledgable enthusiasts share a stage. £5, 7.30pm

Wednesday 18 January

FILM: The Grant Museum's free film screening this month features Under The Caribbean, an Oscar-winning nature documentary from 1954: "its English dubbing and the zoologists’ pretence that their dialogue is taking place underwater make it seem like a cross between Monty Python and Eurotrash." A glass of wine and tour of the museum follow the screening. FREE, 6.30pm

ASTRONOMY: The Baker Street Irregular Astronomers hold their monthly meet, to coincide with the BBC's Stargazing Live. Bring a 'scope if you've got one...if not, you'll find dozens of eager astronomers ready and willing to share. The event takes place at The Hub, in the middle of Regent's Park. FREE, 6.30pm, @BakerStAstro

Thursday 19 January

POLYMATHS: Heard of Roger Boscovich? Us neither. Apparently, he was an 18th Century polymath who made important contributions to astronomy, geophysics, structural engineering, and archaeology. Find out more at the Royal Society tonight. FREE, 6pm

TINY THINGS: Wellcome Collection opens late for an evening devoted to the very small. Nanotechnologists, bonsai specialists, performing fleas, artwork on rice, a mini-trombone and many other diminutive diversions await. FREE, 6.30pm

Friday 20 January

HAWKING: To mark the great scientist's 70th birthday, the Science Museum opens a temporary exhibition to Stephen Hawking. The display features portraits of the cosmologist alongside his personal effects and papers. It's not known if the LEGO Hawking will be making an appearance. FREE, until 13 April 2012

BRRR: The Natural History Museum's new exhibition on Scott's Last Expedition pulls together artifacts and specimens from that fateful adventure 100 years ago. A talk on the opening night explores why we explore. Exhibition: £9/£5.50, until 2 September; Talk £18, 7.30pm

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments, and tip us off about future events via tips@londonist.com.

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