Walk London: Winter Wanders Weekend

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Walk London: Winter Wanders Weekend

Take a stroll round London

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London is a wonderful city to explore on foot at all times of year. Winter is no exception. Indeed, the dim light and overcast skies can bring out the ancient character of the Square Mile and the slate-grey Thames.

Walk London has organised a weekend of winter wanders to tempt you into exploring this great city. All the walks are free and cover many corners of the capital.

Saturday 28 January

VIEWS: Forget the cliched vantage points of Primrose and Parliament Hill. The best views of the capital come from the south-east. This afternoon walk takes in the ancient forests of Shooters Hill and the riverside views near Plumstead. 12.30pm, 7 miles, from Charlton rail station.

COMMONS AND PARKS: Take a stroll through Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park along the Capital Ring, a stretch dubbed 'the finest walk in London'. 12.30pm, 7.5 miles, from Wimbledon Park Tube station.

REFINED LONDON: Wander round the streets and parks of Kensington admiring the Royal palace, the cobbled lanes and homes of the rich and famous. 2pm, under 5 miles, from High Street Kensington Tube.

RIVER: Learn the amazing history of the banks of the Thames, including eight iconic bridges, two world-famous theatres, an infamous prison, a palace, and a buzzing open-air market. All human life is here!  2pm, 1.5 miles, from Waterloo station.

CANAL LONDON: Little Venice is one of the prettiest corners of London. Explore the Victorian terraces and pleasant stretches of canal that make up this special part of town. 2pm, under 5 miles, from Warwick Avenue Tube.

NIGHTMARE LONDON: Welcome to the dark side of the city, with blood-curdling tales of murder, mayhem and machinations. 6.30pm, under 5 miles, from Embankment Tube.

SPOOKY LONDON: The ancient and narrow alleys of the Square Mile are the perfect setting for chilling ghost tales. Look out for she-wolves, spectral prisoners and the black nun in this creepy conclusion to the day. 7.30pm, under 5 miles, from St Paul's Tube station.

Sunday 29 January

SUBTERRANEAN LONDON: The world beneath London's streets is endlessly fascinating. Learn about secret tunnels, creepy crypts, abandoned Tube stations, underground rivers and more. 10.30am, under 5 miles, from Embankment Tube station.

STATELY LONDON: After a boat ride from along the Thames, take in the many historic sights of Greenwich, birthplace of Henry VIII, centre of the world's time zones and home to some of Christopher Wren's finest buildings. 10.30am, under 5 miles, from Tower Hill Tube.

WOODY LONDON: Explore the ancient Epping Forest, taking in the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge and the River Roding. 11.30am, under 5 miles, from Chingford rail station.

ANCIENT LONDON: Knights, nuns and notoriety form the heart of this medieval jaunt around central London, with bloody tales of derring-do and 'the most spectacular statue in London'. 11.30am, under 5 miles, from Tower Hill Tube.

OLYMPIC LONDON: Let a Blue Badge guide lead you round the edges of the London 2012 Olympic park, while learning the history of the Olympics in the capital, and the surprising industrial past of the Stratford Olympic site. This is one of several Olympic walks in the weekend's schedule. 1.45pm, under 5 miles, from West Ham Tube station.

LITERARY LONDON: Learn how Shakespeare and Dickens drew inspiration from London, and how London in turn was shaped by these two literary giants. 2pm, under 5 miles, from St Paul's Tube.

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