This Week’s London Cabaret Zingers: 4-10 January 2012

Franco Milazzo
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This Week’s London Cabaret Zingers: 4-10 January 2012

Happy new year one and all! Let's keep the mood rolling onwards with some rather jolly cabaret. With zilch, zip and zero ado, here are this week's Zingers.

Zinger Of The Week: Tricity Vogue's Ukulele Cabaret, Lincoln Lounge, next Tuesday

How's this for a post-Christmas treat? Tricity Vogue has assembled a crack squad of alternative musicians to sing in the new year with gusto.

Ukulele queen Vogue will be celebrating her birthday with the help of Dusty "three-and-a-half octave vocal range" Limits, Des "beyond filth" O'Connor and Helen "geek troubadour" Arney amongst others. And there's more: this event is FREE.

Seriously, what more could you want?

Wednesday's Zingers

They’ve been around the block a few times yet, thirty years on, the fab threesome Fascinating Aida still pack a hell of a punch. They’ll be at the Charing Cross Theatre until this Saturday with their dark witted songs about dogging, sexual envy and international banking which will have you laughing all the way home. Especially if you have been on any cheap flights from a certain Irish company…

There's more fab-and-free entertainment tonight at the Cellardoor as kinky commie crooners EastEnd Cabaret show how to do some seasonal seducing.

Thursday's Zingers

If you haven't see any panto so far, it's not too late. With dwarf names like Fag Hag, Muscle Mary, Sub, Dom, Skinhead and Butch Dyke, you should have some idea of what you’re letting yourself in for. Snow White & The Seven Poofs is at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Alternatively, from the writers of Dick Whittington – Another Dick in City Hall comes an early contender for this season’s “Best Children-free Panto”. Sleeping Beauty – One Little Prick twists the classic fairy tale somewhat with the comatose victim in possession of their own set of crown jewels, so to speak.

Friday's Zingers

Motormouths (David) Mills and Myra (Dubois) might as well be gargling hydrochloric acid for their effect on the Bistrotheque's crowd tonight. Expect pert put-downs, acerbic asides and some comments aimed at you, yes you, madam plus musical accompaniment from renowned cabaret pianist Michael Roulston.

Enjoy some close-up action at the home of modern wizardry - no, not Hogwarts but the Magic Circle - with Michael Vincent, Peter Scarlet and Jon Allen.

They’ve already sent up the latest John Lewis ad with some aplomb but Bourgeois and Maurice are not yet ready to hibernate. Quite the opposite – their new show is (at least) their third in a year after they proved that they couldn’t dance at Sadler’s Wells and rocked out the downstairs part of Soho Theatre. The latest effort rags on society’s obsession with consumerism by berating/celebrating the antics of those summer scallies who rioted all in the best possible taste. Here's what we thought.

Saturday's Zingers

The lads and ladies behind Duckie had a fantastic 2011 and tonight they kick off 2012 with their regular weekly show featuring northern star Myra Dubois.

If you only see one circus show in 2012, you really should get out more. Having said that, you may as well ctch the best while you can as La Soiree will certainly perk you up. We saw them recently and can honestly say that we haven’t seen spectacles this big since Dennis Taylor started wearing contact lenses. We previewed the show here.

Sunday's Zinger

Jonny Woo and cohorts will be clutching their balls and peering at them closely before disclosing the details. Obviously, we're talking about Gay Bingo at Soho Theatre.

Monday's Zinger

If you can't get enough of bingo, wrap up warm and head down to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for their Big Bingo Night! where bearded beauty Timberlina will be calling the numbers, keeping people amused and handing out some interesting prizes.

Tuesday's Zinger

Like a cabaret crystal ball, Bar Wotever will be presaging future talent on a weekly basis with a showcase of the best in up-and-coming queer cool culture alongside established artists like Ophelia Bitz.

Book ahead for:

Cabaret superstar Dusty Limits is indeed well-named as the man recognises few boundaries. See him put on a trio of t'riffic nights called The Winter of Our Discontent at pop-up venue the Arcola Tent featuring more big names than a large print version of Who's Who.

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