A Book Barge Returns To London's Canals

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 78 months ago
A Book Barge Returns To London's Canals

Calling all book fans! The/A Book Barge (literally, a bookshop on a barge) is moored on the Grand Union Canal, east of the Angel entrance, for the next two weeks. Edit: due to the comment below, we're not sure whether this is the same slow-roaming biblioboat that has gathered acres of press and it's a good sign when Lee Rourke, author of The Canal – love letter to slowing down and taking stock – is a fan, or a different one. If there are two in existence, that's pretty mad. But also excellent.

Photo by Marie Phillips

Last Updated 20 January 2012

Lee Wilshire

Err as far as I'm aware The Book Barge to which you are linking and which had a lot of press in the summer is currently in Staffordshire for the winter. This is a different boat selling books.


Yeah, it's a different one. They were both briefly in the same place one day last year which was quite odd.

The Book Barge

Yep, as the proprietress of The Book Barge I can definitely confirm that it's still in Staffs. It'll hopefully be back in London for a week or two in March, however. The picture above is a different book-selling vessel called Word on the Water (I think). For more info about The Book Barge, including events and touring details, check out www.thebookbarge.co.uk


Here is the Facebook page, the only link I know for the barge selling books on the Grand Union...


Are either of these connected with the converted Thames lighter I saw moored at Greenwich near the Cutty Sark/Gypsy Moth a few years ago, also called 'the Book Barge'?


I would like to share this at FB...

Andy K

There are three book barges:
1. Word on the Water (Paddington Basin)
2. This book barge (Islington - at the moment)
3. The Book Barge which is currently in Staffs.