Pink Tube Train For Digital Switchover

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Pink Tube Train For Digital Switchover

A special pink Tube train is trundling around somewhere on the Central Line. The roseate rolling-stock is to remind Londoners that the switch to digital TV is coming soon. As well as sporting special branding on the outside, all 272 of the train's seats have fuchsia covers, while the hand rails are similarly hued.

Beginning on 4 April, you'll need a digital TV or set-top box to access TV via the airwaves in London. Those with FreeView boxes will need to do a retune. The message is keenly pedaled by Digit Al, the perfunctorily named mascot for the switchover (we wonder if he has a sister, Di Gital). Here we see him riding the pink train (so to speak) between Hainault and Gant's Hill, to the minor bemusement of fellow passengers.

The 'Digital Express' will operate for the next three months. It's the brainchild of Digital UK, the not-for-profit charged with helping consumers during the transition period. Their website has everything you need to know.

Last Updated 10 January 2012