EDL March Leads To Whitechapel Brawl

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EDL March Leads To Whitechapel Brawl

An English Defence League (EDL) protest march ended with 15 arrests yesterday after members of the far-right group clashed with local residents outside a Whitechapel mosque.

The protest outside Barking Town Hall, allegedly held because now-banned extremist group Muslims Against Crusades disrupted a local regiment march in Barking in 2010, was described by opposition group Unite Against Fascism as having a 'miserable turnout'. EDL supporters then travelled to Whitechapel, where the Guardian reported they started drinking in a pub opposite the East London Mosque before shouting anti-Islam abuse. Police arrested 15 people but all were later released without charge. One man was injured.

The EDL appear to be on a crusade to prove themselves every bit as tiresomely stupid and offensive as their poppy-burning Islamic opposition group, recently burdening FIFA with their opinions over the football association's refusal to allow the England team to wear poppies on their team shirts. A spokesman for anti-EDL campaign group Hope Not Hate pointed out that it was 'a little hypocritical of the EDL to be leading this protest given that their leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is a convicted football hooligan.' Last year, four men were jailed for an attack on Redbridge Islamic Centre.

Tower Hamlets residents and police turned out in force last year to prevent an EDL protest entering the borough while people in Barking and Dagenham joined an anti-EDL protest last March. Councillor Darren Rodwell said yesterday that he wished the EDL would 'stop shipping themselves into Barking and Dagenham' because local people hated them for trying to divide the community. MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, Rushanara Ali, urged the local community not to rise to provocation.

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"anti -islamic abuse" lol like, er " stop grooming white school children for sex"


If middle class toffs and their political representatives are going to keep telling us how great immigration is then they and their children should be living in the middle of areas such as Whitechapel rather than looking down their noses at working class people who oppose immigration and the Islam it has brought with it. Well done to the EDL for having the courage to stand up to the intimidation.


Hurling bricks, smashing windows and abusing worshippers at a mosque with ill-informed loutish racist tirades is, of course, the perfect way to debate immigration and oppose Islamic extremism.


I'm a middle class toff living near Whitechapel (Mile End) and liking it as it is too! I happen to also be one of those pesky immigrants who was born here when my parents came on the slow boat from Foreign, so Manxman: give me TWO points please.


hI, i,m a middle-class toff too. I never used to be but I got like this once I moved out of London and away from all the immigrants. As soon as I want kids, I,ll move away from London so that my kids can grow up to be middle class toffs, so that they can move back  to London for a short spell when they're young men and women and become middle-class toffs. Until they want kids obviously - because as soon as they do they will realise they do not want their kids going to school with a bunch of violent racist ethnic people an move out for a bit.


why is the wretched left wing BBC not covering this? why do they censor like the gestapo the real news from the crap that they broadcast . This is real news as opposed to a Badly built  Italian Cruise ship foundering on some rocks .  

Josh Morgan

the sooner they close down the mosque the better for all