Christ To Rise On Primrose Hill?

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Christ To Rise On Primrose Hill?

A giant statue of Christ the Redeemer, styled after the famous symbol of Rio De Janeiro, could be erected on the summit of Primrose Hill, reports Camden New Journal. The Messianic adornment would be installed after the Olympics, to mark the handover of the games from London to Rio, who will host the 2016 event.

The 9-metre-high statue would be funded by the Brazilian government. Further details, including the exact location and the longevity of the installation have not yet been revealed. A planning application will be submitted to Camden Council in February, and is likely to provoke keen interest from truculant locals.

Coincidentally, the scheme comes to light at exactly the same time as Alain de Botton's proposed tower of atheism, notionally to be built in the City of London. It's also not the first giant monument proposal for the hill. This 1830's scheme would have seen a titanic pyramid erected in the area to house 5 million bodies.

Last Updated 26 January 2012

patrick wilken

so they want to put a statue of the Christ god on top of a plaque commemorating the site of the first meeting of the Gorsedd of the Bards of the Island
of Britain? Nice one!


Christ the Picnicer

Teds McTeddington

This better not effing happen. 


Yes, and why not build a temporary favela around the base for London's homeless. I think not!


this better never happen


It's only temporary. What's the problem?


Maybe there should be a statue of Philip Hitchens, or Richard Dawkins, alongside?

Tony W

Since it isn't April 1 yet I suppose we have to take it seriously. In which case, why should we give a prime spot in London to advertise someone else's Olympics?


Did we dump a mini Big Ben in Beijing? I don't think so...

Bob thompson

On balance - I prefer the pyramid idea

Richard Ian Tracy

Well, Jesus *is* one of my favourite characters in all of fiction but I'm not convinced an obnoxiously-sized religious statue on one of our most beautiful natural landscapes is a brilliant, unifying idea.  But if we must, could we also have a massively obese Ganesha in Richmond Park, too?  That'd be WELL funny -- and the locals would love it.  {*larf!*}


9 metres is not exactly "huge" and we already have that absurd "Peace" Pagoda in Battersea Park which is, alas, not temporary.


The one in your photo is about twice as high as a mature tree - which would be about 5x as big as the proposal.

Needs, like the slightly plonking debate, a bit of perspective, perhaps.

James Lush

I like the Peace Pagoda, but I hope this is a joke

Cado Bell

Lording it over us.


No no no no no.


Jesus Christ! Chill people it's just a statue, for most of you it means nothing for those who follow that religion it means something. Chill, it's not gonna haunt you


God ppl ya r trying to make so much noise for nothing!! have a tea have a caffee!! if both government decide there is nothing ya can do, so chill out!!

H Churchman

For Christ's sake NO!

J Cunningham

If it happens ill go there every day and p**s on it


I vote for the 80' Britannia on Greenwich Hill...


Wow!! Awesome idea :) I would love it!!! good to know that there are still people with brilliant thinking! :) thumbs up!

Travel Diaries

Really hope this doesn't go ahead. Primrose Hill is beautiful already and doesn't need to have a giant statue of Christ in it. I think the idea of passing the torch on to Brazil by doing something like this is a great idea. But on Primrose Hill? No thanks.


Oh no, I hope this is a joke!!!

Joe Fogey

Couldn't they build it in Boris Johnson's mouth?

Dr.Rogério Von Vasz

I think that the british should insert the Big Ben right up their asses......Decadent Bloody Island

Lincoln Johnson

I love all the comments like 'This better not happen'..CHILL WINSTON....its not permanent...and why not? This is still regarded as a Christian country, and this pays homage to Brazil. I am British and very proud to be British, but I cant understand why everyone gets so arsey about sculpture/statue...If you want to really rip someone a new outlet...what in gods name is the story with THE OLYMPIC LOGO? Acid trip gone wrong perhaps