Ben Wilson's Chewing Gum Art @ Trinity Buoy Wharf

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Ben Wilson's Chewing Gum Art @ Trinity Buoy Wharf
Ben at work.
Ben at work.
The tools of the trade.
The tools of the trade.

Ben Wilson made his name by applying artistic designs to that most unlikely of canvases, squashed pavement gum. An exhibition and trail of his work opens at Trinity Buoy Wharf on 2 February.

The masticatory maestro is the first visiting artist in a new arts programme funded by Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust. Each artist will leave a permanent work of art at the site, which is famous for its lighthouse and container city, and as home of the Longplayer 1000-year piece of music. As part of the show, Wilson has created a trail of illustrated chewing gum from East India DLR down to the Wharf, where you'll find a photographic exhibition of his previous work.

Ben Wilson's exhibition is at The Boiler House, Trinity Buoy Wharf, E14 0JW on 3-5 February 2012, 12-5pm, with an opening night on 2 February (5-9pm). Entrance is free. The gum trail is visible at any time.

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Ariel King

I really want to like this 'cause it's actually quite cool - but a part of me can't stop the gag reflex when I think about what he's using as a canvas. ick!!!

London Remembers

I love this.  Henry Moore used to bang on about how one should go on a pilgrimage to see art (hence  some of his being in the middle of nowhere).   This tiny art has to be hunted out, practically with a magnifying glass, and it's worth finding.  There's a piece in Argyle Street, WC1, where the road bends.  Happy hunting.

Alex of new iphone5 online

I hope he works on his own chewed gums! Anyway that's a true creative example of mini-art