Video: The New London Bridge Station

Dean Nicholas
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Video: The New London Bridge Station

At a planning meeting last night, Southwark council approved the plan for a major re-design of London Bridge station. The video above, released by Network Rail, shows a fly-through of how the station will look once work is completed in 2018.

The plan includes building the country's largest platform concourse and a grand new entrance on Tooley Street. The latter will, unfortunately, mean the loss of some impressive buildings, including the Britain at War exhibition and the old South Eastern Railway offices, which the Victorian Society has been trying to save. Seems the desire to preserve our 19th century rail heritage will lose out to the pressing need for 21st century facilities, and given the parlous state of London Bridge at the moment, and the area's growing importance, that's probably for the best overall.

Further details can be read at London SE1.

Last Updated 21 December 2011

Guy C Johnson

Oh dear, the inside rather looks like being under a motorway viaduct. A far cry from the curvy ethereal images you published a year or so ago. The relentless flat bridges are really dull and while the designers seem to have tried to improve on the paired cylindrical columns to create a single support somit actually looks much worse being dumpy and inelegant. Straight columns and curvy soffits were better than straight soffits and curvy columns. Come on Grimshaw you can do better than that!

Dan Derrett

It's full of ghosts!

David Lewis

Standard dismal, the Victorian architects at least had some vision

Mark Lukas

Typicial English pessimism. I think it's beautiful.