UCL Students Create Hand Drawn Map Of London

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 150 months ago

Last Updated 05 December 2011

UCL Students Create Hand Drawn Map Of London

UCL's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis has struck again. Previously making Londoners go 'ooo' with cycle hire visualisations, 24 hour ebb and flow of public transport and a map of the city's commonest surnames, @VisualMetro and @Alistair_Leak got 270 UCL students to club together to create a hand-drawn map of London.

Not to blow our own trumpet or anything, but we put together an exhibition of hand-drawn maps at the Museum of London earlier this year... Yet it's always fascinating to see how other people view the city. Someone's drawn in the Crystal Palace dinosaurs, people's favourite pubs are mentioned plus the best place to get bubble tea. We also love the war that's going on between Wembley Stadium and "the real Wembley", the need to point out that "poshos" live in Barnes and, in the true spirit of graffiti, a mobile phone number for if you're feeling horny. And spare a thought for "shit Shadwell".

But possibly most of all, we love the way that London's international credentials are obvious, as the students have written in directions to cities and countries all over the globe at the map's edges.

Take a proper look on the Cartopedia blog.