Tube Strike To Go Ahead

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Tube Strike To Go Ahead

LU's legal bid to stop Aslef members staging a four day series of walkouts failed today, which means the Boxing Day strike will go ahead.

London Underground's attempt to scupper the strikes was based on the fact that all union members were balloted, even the ones not scheduled to work on Boxing Day, a state of affairs LU claimed made the ballot invalid. A High Court judge didn't agree.

A football match between Arsenal and Wolverhampton Wanderers has been postponed by 24 hours though other matches, including Chelsea v Fulham look set to go ahead with fans advised to allow extra time for their journeys.

TfL have called the strike 'unnecessary' in a statement over the court's decision while satirical news site the Daily Mash settled for comparing tube drivers to professional footballers. Howard Collins, LU's Chief Operating Officer said;

'We will run as many Tube services as we can and extra buses will operate on the busiest bus routes. However, the action taken by the Aslef leadership is likely to cause serious disruption to Tube services across the network affecting the Christmas holiday plans of many Londoners.'

Last Updated 22 December 2011


I think this is rubbish! they are hurting the people who have nothing to do with it :-(


This is complete idiocy, seems driving through tunnels all day does melt the brain after all. Most human beings are happy to have a job and would be happy that they are helping others less fortunate that also have to work over the festive period get to their destination quickly and safely!

Most of these drivers are paid a very good wage and have more paid holidays than most and still want more, this can only be explained as greedy! I am all for the driverless trains to replace these ungrateful idiots!

The public shouldn't have to suffer just because these individuals weren't fortunate enough in life to have a job that required more than a couple of brain cells to operate a lever and feel like they deserve treble pay and even more days off to compensate.

It should also be a responsibility of the courts to not allow this to happen! By law these strikers should face instant dismissal, some people will never be satisfied with what they have and unions should sometimes take a step back and say "no" when their members are obviously out to ride the system for all it's worth.


Whats wrong with these people....don't the have a heart! Greed is one of the seven deadly sins...don't you forget it!