The Most Pointless Speed Hump In London?

Andy Thornley
By Andy Thornley Last edited 77 months ago
The Most Pointless Speed Hump In London?

Is this the most pointless speed hump in London? We certainly think it could be up for the award, if such an award actually existed.

This traffic calming measure appeared on Oxford Street not too long ago, positioned on the pavement in parallel with the road. The reason for its installation is as yet unclear and we are unconvinced that a motorist would clock up enough speed so close to the shop fronts to warrant a speed hump being put in place.

It is clear, however, that many of the shoppers who tripped over while walking down Oxford Street did not expect to see it. Those that did notice it had looks of bemusement on their faces as they contemplated just why it was there.

Have you seen any other pointless pieces of street furniture? Tell us about them below...

Last Updated 05 December 2011


The hump is presumably there to counteract the road repair that has raised the road to the same level as the pavement. The theory of it would be to alert a driver to their vehicle mounting the pavement in the same way the edge of the pavement would. In reality it is pointless and more likely to make someone trip and fall into the road than prevent a vehicle hitting someone on the pavement


Looks like someone needs to rotate the page of the instructions by 90 degrees.

Mark Skrzypczyk

Maybe it's to stop ram raid attempts?

Jen Pedler

Maybe it's there to provide sufficient height for the wheelchair ramp for disabled access to the bus?


Perhaps the city cut a hole through the concrete pads to access pipes or electrical connections and used the speed bump as a cost effective cover in case this area needs to be accessed again?


What drew my eye was Iggy Pop's would-be moustache...


That's not a speed bump, that's a chicane kerb for you as you whizz around the corner to let your tyre's ride up onto F1 style.


I reckon the half-foot of double yellows going in the wrong direction are pretty pointless too.


I have no idea as to why it would be positioned as it is, but, as a motorist think it's a brilliant piece of positioning!  Oh that they were all on pavements.....

Jason B. Standing

Isn't it to stop people in wheelchairs shooting down the ramp and into Zara?  I can't help but wish they'd put it closer to the entrance, and about 8 feet taller.  You know... to stop anyone at all going into Zara.  Or, preferably, leaving.


It's Art!!!!!  "A Sliver of Giant Wasp Abdomen" by Let's Use Up The Budget We've Got Left Or We Won't Get Any Next Year.  Anyone guess how much it cost?