Street Art: New Invader Invasion In Brixton And Fitzrovia

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Street Art: New Invader Invasion In Brixton And Fitzrovia

One of the most distinctive and prolific street artists in the world, Invader, is back in London with a new wave of designs. The mosaic-based sprites are particularly populous in Brixton, as Street Art London reports. We also glimpsed a new piece in Fitzrovia, on Rathbone Street, pictured above.

It's unclear what the significance of the paint roller might be. It could be a nod to the Banksy mural, the other side of Newman Street post office, which was removed by the council. More simply, it might be a reference to a set of neighbouring gates, which have recently been painted a similar colour (perhaps the artist).

This is the ninth time Invader has brightened up the walls of London. Many older pieces can be found around town. Let us know if you've spotted any other new ones.

Image by Harry Urgent.

Last Updated 08 December 2011


i like street art...i like the whole idea of it


This blog has a BUNCH of Space invaders. They are so cool....I found some in Rome, Paris, Berlin and even Sao Paulo...