Quidditch At The London 2012 Olympics?

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Quidditch At The London 2012 Olympics?

The International Quidditch Association (yes, really) is considering hosting an exhibition tournament in London during the period of the 2012 Olympics. The broomstick-based game is adapted from the wizarding sport in the Harry Potter novels, but without the levitation and stuff. (That said, the 2009 World Cup was interrupted by a dementor attack.)

Real-life quidditch, we learn, is enjoyed by thousands of muggles around the world. Bafflingly, the IQA's website doesn't appear to tackle the first question on everyone's lips: how the hell do you recreate a game involving flying wizards and winged balls? From watching a few YouTube clips, we gather its some kind of cross between football, basketball and pantomime. The golden snitch is substituted for a loon in a yellow shirt and cap, whose role is to annoy the other players.

The London exhibition match would not be an official part of the 2012 Olympics in any way, but would find a ready-made and sizeable audience among the capital's temporarily swollen population. The IQA's commissioner, Alex Benepe, says:

“In summer 2012 the IQA will organize an expo match in London during the Olympics. The IQA is currently assessing venues, working with media contacts, and reaching out to local teams.”

We have local teams? Anyone want to get in touch...we'd love to know more.

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It is not too difficult to learn. I used to watch my university team play. Looks fun. I am sure there are some local university teams... if not, they just need to run a bit of promotions and get some teams organised. Tourists would love it!!


Good idea, looks fun


Our school is starting a team after the Christmas holidays! I SO WANT TO GO! <3


I love HP, but any game where 1 team can score 16 goals and then someone just has to catch a ball to equalize, is ridiculous, shouldn't be played and can only have been invented by someone NOT intending for it to be played outside of fiction.

Topher Rooney

there are a bunch of UK teams getting ready to play in this. Here is a list of them:


So glad this is happening, but I think that if it's not televised, it's not really worth it, so hopefully it will be.