Take Public Transport, Olympic VIPs Told

By BethPH Last edited 78 months ago
Take Public Transport, Olympic VIPs Told

Sponsors and other VIPs attending the Olympics next year have been told to avoid using the Games Lanes and take the train instead.

The controversial traffic lanes intended to whisk athletes, officials, sponsors and various visiting VIPs to the stadium in super-quick time have caused furore amongst Londoners. Especially those who cycle, drive taxis, use taxis, walk, drive private cars, live in Wapping or er... break down.

Quite why a VIP would want to drive across London when, as London Assembly Transport Committee chair Caroline Pidgeon points out in the Reuters story, the Javelin trains will get them from Kings Cross to Stratford International in seven minutes is anyone's guess. Though we're not sure we fancy their chances on public transport either, especially after the commuters have spent rush hour in the pub.

In other Olympics transport news, the road signs indicating the Games Lanes have been unveiled.

Last Updated 15 November 2011

diamond geezer

Given that Olympic Games Lanes must exist (because the IOC demand it), all sponsors and VIPs should be forced to use them. The last thing the rest of us want is sponsors and VIPs clogging up the trains and buses we're all crammed onto.