Street Art: Evol's Tower Blocks At Smithfield Market

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 78 months ago
Street Art: Evol's Tower Blocks At Smithfield Market
That's Jeane exploring the estate
That's Jeane exploring the estate

Eagle-eyed reader Jeane Trend-Hill was in Smithfield yesterday checking out the latest street art creation by German artist Evol. As you can probably gather, he takes concrete blocks and uses stencils and paste-ups to create miniature tower blocks - at Smithfield he's created a mini estate.

The blocks are actually bollards blocking off the Crossrail construction site. The artwork appeared about two weeks ago, and the guy we spoke to at Smithfield couldn't see a reason why they'd be removed or cleaned up - which is a commendable attitude, especially compared to some others we've mentioned.

All photos by Jeane Trend-Hill.

Last Updated 28 November 2011


> All photos by Jeane Trend-Hill.

but... then... who took the photo of her?

Jeane Trend-Hill

Self timer.


I love these art works, i think they are ingenious, well done to the artist and to Jeane who took the photos.  Nice to look at something original.  Thanks.

Jeane Trend-Hill

Thanks laurelle2011, I also thought they were ingenious and very original. The detail was absolutely amazing. I hope Evol graces us with some more of his work.