Punk Art Preview: Punk And Beyond @ Signal Gallery

Dave Newbury
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Last Updated 23 November 2011

Punk Art Preview: Punk And Beyond @ Signal Gallery

An exhibition of punk art curated by The Adverts’ Gaye Black, and dedicated to the late Poly Styrene from London punks X Ray Spex, opens at Old Street’s Signal Gallery on November 25 featuring works by the scene's musicians.

Punk And Beyond features original art work by the likes of Eve Libertine of activist punks Crass, famous for their anarchist graffiti on the Tube, and bard of London Billy Childish of the Buff Medways, as well as live gallery performances every Saturday including Hackney’s Thee Spivs on 3 December.

The show celebrates the continuing creative potency of punk, and pays tribute to Styrene, who died of cancer earlier this year, with a series of specially commissioned portraits. It follows last year's smaller Beyond Punk exhibition.

Art (or wall scribblings as the cynical may call it) found in a flat rented by the Sex Pistols has been likened in importance to the ancient cave of art of Lascaux in southern France The Telegraph reports. It says archaeologists  from the University of York have analysed graffiti by Johnny Rotten on the wall of the Denmark Street flat confirming it as an important historical and archaeological site, with the possibility of awarding it a 'blue plaque' branding it 'anti-heritage'.

Punk And Beyond Open 25 November – 17 December. Tue–Sat 12–6pm at  the Signal Gallery, 32 Paul Street, London EC2A 4LF – Tel 0207 613 1550