Preview: Underground Film Club @ The Roundhouse

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Preview: Underground Film Club @ The Roundhouse

Hosting pop-up cinemas in unusual places has been one of the big cultural trends of the past year. In a shopping centre, on fridges, under a flyover...the craze will only reach its natural conclusion when someone screens a season of shipwreck films (Titanic, The Poseidon Adventure, A Night To Remember...) on the bottom of the Thames. Bring your own SCUBA gear, and don't blame us if you get botulism from the sodden popcorn.

The Roundhouse is the latest organisation to get in on the act. Riding on the success of the Rooftop Film Club, the Camden venue goes hypogeal with its new Underground Film Club. Visitors can watch famous blockbusters and cult classics in the Dorfman Hub, a drum-shaped space beneath the main auditorium. Here's the lineup:

  • 21 November: Shawshank Redemption
  • 22 November: The Goonies
  • 23 November: Requiem for a Dream
  • 25 November: Back to the Future
  • 26 November: Pulp Fiction
  • 27 November: Goodfellas
  • 28 November: Cinema Paradiso
  • 29 November: Big
  • 30 November: Pan's Labarinth
  • 1 December: The Lost Boys
  • 3 December: The King's Speech
  • 5 December: Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • 6 December: Amelie
  • 7 December: Casablanca
  • 8 December: Lost in Translation
  • 9 December: Dirty Dancing
  • 10 December: Grease
  • 14 December: Dr Strangelove
  • 15 December: Reservoir Dogs
  • 16 December: Home Alone
  • 17 December: Scrooged
  • 18 December: It's A Wonderful Life (Sold out)
Tickets are £9.90 and can be booked here.

Last Updated 14 November 2011