Preview: Boring 2011

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Preview: Boring 2011

Everything is interesting if you look hard enough. At least, we hope it is, otherwise the 400 or so people attending this year's Boring Conference are in for a long day.

The list of talks is a miscellany of tedium: electric hand-dryers, Budgens supermarkets, square roots... And yet, the conference is in danger of selling out. Just 50 tickets remain, and you're encouraged to book right now if you crave an insipid Saturday.

While the subject choices might seem dull, the speakers are most certainly not. Adam Curtis, Robin Ince, Jon Ronson, Mark Stevenson, Josie Long, Rhodri Marsde and Matthew Crosby are all confirmed. Buzz Killington (pictured)  has yet to respond.

With such a stellar line-up, the conference might stray into entertainment. Fortunately, the chaps behind it have reassured the BBC that "a lack of organisational skills and technical problems will ensure enough delays and uncomfortable pauses to deter any unnecessary interest".

Boring 2011 runs at York Hall, Bethnal Green on Saturday 19 November. Tickets are £16.02 and can be acquired here. Twitter @boring2011

Last Updated 16 November 2011