Listen Up! Music Interview: Pris

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Listen Up! Music Interview: Pris

North London’s Pris are the kind of sassy rock n roll vixens of mythology. They’re part Blondie’s sultry post punk, part Alice Cooper glam, with Courtney Love strutting, and seemingly living on a diet purely of Babycham and lipstick. Not content with ripped fishnets they’re ripping into mainstream lad rock as the antidote to the likes of Radiohead or Hard-Fi and  aim to take over the world, insulting most people on the way.

Their forthcoming single A Bomb in White Heat, with its video filmed on the streets of Walthamstow, is a diatribe against Hoxton and its laughable hipster wannbe attitude emulated in the Being A Dickhead’s Cool YouTube video. Not even the faux vintage chic of Florence escapes Pris’ bile, but this just adds to their honesty; they don’t need to copy an image when they ooze style and glamour while writing high-heel hooky punk stomps.

Londonist caught up with Pris' singer Kat Gordon to discuss playing gigs with the Manic Street Preachers, and their love/hate relationship with London.

What do Pris sound like in a sentence?
Better than all the other bands around today.

Describe your musical philosophy to us.
Rip it down, stick it on, pick it up and pout, pout, pout.

Congratulations on playing with The Manic Street Preachers. How did that feel?
It was amazing to play with one of the best bands from the past 20 years who are actually still going and not doing this whole reunion malarkey.

And of course making it on to Nicky Wires 6Music playlist. What was the national airplay like?
Nicky Wire has always had a great taste in music so it was inevitable he’d like us.

What area of London are you based and how has that area influenced Pris’ music?
We’re all based in North London. We’re influenced by hate. We’ve just written a song called A Bomb in White Heat it’s about the east London music scene, exclusive haircuts, mannequin dickheads; ‘’I’m a model don’t you know? Alexa is my friend on Facebook".

Pris look brilliant and seem to have a love for New Wave 12”s and 90’s DIY. What inspired your style and where you get your records & clothes from?
Thanks. We look brilliant because we love brilliant people like Betty Blue, Nancy Spugnen, Alice Cooper to Audrey Hepburn. Our fans send us records, which is flattering and kind. Sadly we’re only young enough to only own CD collections and the futile mp3s, but nothing sounds as pretty as a shiny, glossy vinyl with amazing artwork, does it? We exchange clothes with each other, shop at Forever 21, Primark and New Look and if we’re feeling expensive then Topshop. All the Oxford Street clothes shops are great. I’d like to say we shop in charity shops around Brick Lane but we just don’t want to end up looking like Florence Welch.

What’s your favourite London venue and why?
Depends who is playing. I’d say the Roundhouse but if Radiohead were on then I’d say it was the worst venue going.

What’s the London gig circuit like for bands starting out and is it good to grow in?
It’s good, better than touring Leicester I suppose!

If you could have yourself projected on any building in London, which would it be and why?
On Topshop with the words ‘crook’ scrawled with lipstick across my chest.

Who are your influences?
Lipstick, The Clash, eyeliner, Sex Pistols, make up, Buzzcocks, high heels, Bret Easton Ellis, Courtney and Kurt, JD and Coke, from somewhere which is nowhere and fur coats.

How important is your area of London to you and your music?
It’s important in the sense that we can get to a cheap rehearsal spot. There is love/hate relationship with London as it’s an incredibly hard place to live sometimes. Musically it motivates us to not want to work at all; catching the crowded tube, inhaling disease, we’d rather be pop stars, naturally.

What’s your favourite…

…London monument?
Definitely not the Princess Diana memorial.

…Tube line and why?
Northern Line or Central line, nice colours.

…place to hang out?
Friends' bedrooms.

…Area for food?
Marathon chip shop in Camden is really great. You can dine in as well, cheap dates us.

Where would Pris like to play if they could play anywhere in London?
Ideally the O2 arena, sold out. With Lady Gaga supporting.

What’s in the pipeline for the Pris?
We’re set to record another single in the next few weeks and also shoot a new video which is the most fun thing you can do as a band and the most narcissistic as well, but we love it "All right Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up,"

Pris release A Bomb in White Heat in the new year, CDs of recent double A single The Better You Look The more You See/ Blu Tack Baby is available for free from

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Bungalow Bill

 All de children ting

Audrey Heartburn

Oh dear. How sad it is that in order to counter what is perceived to be dull, unoriginal male-centric rock, we have dull, unoriginal female-centric pop. Or punk. Or pop punk. Or pop-punk-rock.

If Pris had something to say, other than "we hate stuff" (and then just hating really obvious stuff, the stuff that Nicky Wire hates - Radiohead, Princess Diana, Top Shop (I'm assuming the Top Shop comment about writing crooks in lipstick is a reference to them not paying taxes? - it's hard to say as any political message is getting lost in the swamp of self-aggrandisement)), maybe they'd be interesting. But having encountered them several times now, and not being impressed by their music, the interviews full of "we hate Kasabian, they're rubbish" and various combinations of booze/ripped fishnets/lipstick is just as boring as Noel Gallagher's solo album.

Ever heard of Fluffy? Same thing, I seem to remember. Same model-like, sultry photoshoots of smudgy eyelinered girls. "OOOh, GIRLS!" say various people in the music industry, astonished to see someone with a vagina making music. But dammit, Pris just rattle about proving that empty vessels do indeed make the most noise. Every interview they do is a wretchedly pale immitation of early Richey/Nicky Manics interviews. It's so obvious and yet so unbelievably painful because THE MANICS HAD SOMETHING TO SAY.

But there is one thing... at least Pris are kicking out against the bland, insipid floaty ethereal female vocal pap which, if you listen to the radio, is apparently the only kind of music, other than auto-tuned pop crap, that women make.

We need more loud women, but we need some substance otherwise there's no point. 


Same style of comments from "Audrey" that appear on most Pris interview. Obviously the same person is involved- Part 1 of the fame game is complete girls , you have a stalker, OK so its  the same Manics obsessed one who comments on all your interviews but you start small and go big - Wendy James suffers from the same deluded nonsense.

Audrey Heartburn

Actually, Roger Ramjet, I've never commented on a Pris interview before. But I do know for a fact that there's a lot of people who are rather tired of Pris hitching their wagon to the Manics' doodah (erm... the Manics' wagon? Tour bus? Caravan? My metaphors are failing me). Why? Because they seem to take the Manics purely on the surface - fur coats! Lipstick! Glitter! If you didn't have all these gobshitey interviews where they do their best Nicky'n'Richey impressions (and profess to hate everything that Nicky does, even down to poor old rubbishy Two Door Cinema Club), you really wouldn't know that they're "inspired" by the Manics at all. It's like they've missed the point of what the Manics are about. Obviously we know for *certain reasons* that there is a connection between them, but that's more to do with them sharing management than any overarching musical aesthetic or message. It's like Shampoo - they did a Manics fanzine but when it came to putting a band together (I use the word "band" loosely cos I don't recall them ever playing instruments - in fact, one wonders if Pris is going the same way now that they've lost half their band) all their songs were vacant tales about buying sparkly Rimmel nail varnish. Sound familiar?

I mean, Pris are quite harmless really, and people like me wouldn't bother commenting on them, but it's just rather comical watching them slag off everyone in the world when they're really not revolutionary or particularly interesting themselves. *THAT'S* the issue. Then again, it says a hell of a lot about the state of the current music industry if a bunch of vacuous bores like Pris get so much press. In and of themselves they're not remarkable, but they *are* when put against the background of all these boring wankers wearing the most boring possible outfits H&M can furnish, pedaling songs where lyrics are flung on as an apparently unimportant afterthought.


Well tickle my tits till Sunday :O


i lucking love this, jokes!