Gig Alert: The Staves @ The Enterprise

By Doron Last edited 88 months ago
Gig Alert: The Staves @ The Enterprise

The prediction for 2012 is that it may well be the year of the revival of the girl group. And for a girl group with a twist, look no further than The Staves, three sisters - of a non-Chekhovian denomination - from Watford, currently larking about on their first national headline tour, looking pretty and sounding even prettier.

We say 'girl group' and we use the phrase from the point of view of Emily, Jessica and Camilla Staveley-Taylor indeed being confirmed girls, who also happen to have formed a group. Sugababes, however, they are not (and such a shame too - what with the latest line-up / version of the veteran trio being a bit on the rubbish side, the world of pop could do with a Sugababes replacement. But we digress). Their acoustic-guitar-and-vocal-harmonies sound fits nicely somewhere between pop and folk and, to Londonist's ears, holds great commercial potential.

For a taster of The Staves, check out their new single, Mexico, which comes out next month. It's melodious and mellifluous.

The sisters' final London show takes place at The Enterprise this Wednesday night and here's where you can find ticket details.

The Mexico EP is out on 12th of December.

Last Updated 21 November 2011