Week In Geek: 3-9 October 2011

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Week In Geek: 3-9 October 2011

Events for Londoners with curious minds.

Monday 3 October
FILM: They've yet to make a proper version of War of the Worlds – one that follows HG Wells' original formula of a Martian attack seen from the point of view of Surrey and London. But the 1953 version, set in California, is still a winner. Catch the Oscar-winning sci-fi movie at the Grant Museum tonight, followed by a glass of wine. FREE, 6.30pm

Tuesday 4 October
SCIENCE TALK: If we had to pick an 'event of the week', it might well go to Science Showoff, a new monthly evening at the Wilmington Arms in Finsbury. The various acts, drawn from the world of science, have a few minutes to talk about anything they like (with a sciency theme), from conducting a science lesson, to predicting the future, to announcing a new discovery. The lineup looks fab. FREE (but donations encouraged), 7.30pm

QUACKERY: Practitioners of alternative therapies often make dubious claims about their products. Simon Singh, who found himself at the eye of a legal storm after criticising the chiropractic industry, joins Alan Henness at Goldsmith's to discuss this potential dangers of quack advertising, and how it can be tackled. FREE, 6pm

POLYMATHS: The remarkable JBS Haldane made contributions to many fields and was once described as 'the last man alive who knew everything there was to know'. Learn more in a special seminar at the Royal Society today. FREE, 5.30pm

CYBERCRIME: Respected journalist Misha Glenny is at LSE to give an update on recent trends in cybercrime and online security breaches. FREE, 6.30pm

NEUROMARKETING: New Scientist's Roger Highfield is at the Royal Institution with a conspiracy of marketeers. They'll reveal how companies make you buy stuff by poking your subconscious. Ironically, ticket availability for this talk was still 'good' when we last checked the web site. £10, 7pm

EARTHQUAKES: It's an historical truth that human populations tend to cluster in regions prone to earthquakes. What can be done to reduce the dangers posed by such natural disasters? Some people at UCL have a few ideas, and precede their talk with tea and doughnuts. FREE, 6pm

Thursday 6 October
ENERGY: Cambridge Prof Clare Grey talks at the Royal Society about new battery technologies, and their application to transport. FREE (or, should we say, there's no charge?), 6.30pm

BRAINS: Ever considered donating your brain to medical science? You don't have to do it just yet...when your dead and ready, like. A panel of experts gathers at the Dana Centre to explain why people give their grey matter, and how it helps research into neurodegenerative disease. FREE, 7pm

Friday 7 October
FILM: Sci-Fi London's Oktoberfest weekend begins in Camden. Tonight's sci-fi cabaret is sold out, but several film screenings over the next couple of nights, including Another Earth and an Anime all-nighter, are still available. Check out the programme here. Prices and times vary.

CYBERCRIME: If you missed Misha Glenny talk cycbercrime at LSE on Tuesday, you can pay £7.50 more to watch him at the British Library today. £7.50, 6.30pm

Saturday 8 October
TRANSPORT: TfL's Acton Depot opens to the public once again, offering a warehouse full of  transport curiosities – from vintage trains to old posters...basically, anything that won't fit in London Transport Museum. £10 (adults), FREE (kids), 11am-5pm

MECCANO: "Eltham United Reformed Church will be packed with working Meccano models of trains, planes, cranes and much more." Don't think we need to say any more...just go. £3, 10.30am-4.30pm

SCI-FI: It's the regular meetup event for the London Sci-Fi/Fantasy group, in the Mad Hatter pub, Southwark. As well as general boozy sci-fi talk, they'll also be chatting about Orson Scott Card's classic novel Ender's Game. FREE, 6pm

HUMANS 2.0: The London Futurists hold an all-day event at Birkbeck College to consider the technological extension of humanity. There's no need to register and you won't be assimilated. FREE, 9.30am-5.45pm

Sunday 9 October
TRANSPORT: TfL's Acton Depot is also open today. See Saturday.

We always miss something, so please share any additional relevant events in the comments, or email matt@londonist.com with tip-offs for upcoming events.

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