Theatre Preview: Distance @ ICA

By Jon Davis Last edited 153 months ago

Last Updated 11 October 2011

Theatre Preview: Distance @ ICA

In the age of the Airbus and Skype, when the distance between continents has shrank to the size of an Easy Jet boarding line, the idea of the spaces which divide us has become all but redundant. ‘Distance’, a roaming international performance festival, is here to explore this modern phenomenon, asking questions about the way we engage with people across the world and across the street.

The festival lands in London this weekend as part of its larger, nomadic journey from Riga’s Homo Novus festival to Wunderbar festival in Newcastle and unpacks a suitcase of strange little performances.

Presented by London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) it includes a number of international artists presenting work which responds to weather balloon transmissions, conversations with zoo keepers, adjustments to our borderlines and walks measured by our hands and hearts.

Field Broadcast will bring three artists live to computer desktop, direct from the remote landscapes in which they are broadcasting. Peter J Evans will be asking visitors who will be flying soon to take airline sick bags and use a pencil to map the rush of g-force and drop of altitude during take off and landing, while Sorrel Muggridge and Laura Nanni will represent the 2360 miles between the three cities with a scaled length of rope and take you out into the city’s streets.

What exactly will happen during these small performances is a little unclear, but they might just offer a journey to write home about.

Distance’ takes place at the Institute of Contemporary Arts on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October. Tickets are free and can be booked by emailing: [email protected]