The Shit London Awards

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The Shit London Awards

A quick shout out to those celebrators of sub-mediocrity Shit London, who have just launched their Shit London Awards initiative for photographs of the crappy aspects of the capital. Given the name of the site, you shouldn't expect a glitzy award ceremony. Indeed, there will be no ceremony, just the bestowal of a mug and badge to the photographers behind the winning entries. So what types of shit are they after? There are four categories:

  • Ugliest Building In London – everyone has an opinion on this.
  • Best/Worst Shop Name – a mainstay of the Shit London website, they're looking for awful puns or downright crapness.
  • Worst View From Work – sewer workers may have an advantage.
  • Best Picture – a catch-all category for photos of anything in London that you consider a bit shit. Fans of the site will know the kind of things they're after.

If you think you can compete with the best/worst in any of these categories, send your pics to, with subject line 'Awards', and a description of where the shot was taken. Rather shittily, they don't give a closing date, so get in there ASAP. More info here.

Last Updated 25 October 2011