Olympics Organisers Have Branded Streakers Covered

By BethPH Last edited 78 months ago
Olympics Organisers Have Branded Streakers Covered

Streakers bearing advertising slogans could find themselves fined up to £20,000 in the increasingly bizarre campaign to clamp down on Olympic ambush marketing.

We've had the re-names, the bagsying of '2012' and the re-imagining of the European Convention on Human Rights but now advertisers will have to find a new outlet for their naked ambition. The organisers' determination to ensure that no corporate giant could risk losing revenue to a company resorting to daubing a logo on a naked person is impressively comprehensive.

Unbranded streaking is apparently not covered by the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006.

Last Updated 14 October 2011

Marcus Aurelius

"A Culture Department spokesman said: 'Sponsors pay a large amount of money to be the official sponsors of the games.'"

Since when did a private company paying off an international organisation (IOC) with "a large amount of money" guarantee state-enforced legal protection? Sounds like a mafia racket.